Adobe CS5 Installed

Just got Adobe CS5 Production Premium installed about an hour ago. Looks pretty nice so far, though I haven't done much with it yet. Noise Reduction and HDR stuff in Photoshop looks nice. Encore still looks very Adobe-ugly, rather than Adobe-clean, but I'm sure it is fine. Good timing since I just got my new Blu-Ray burner in, and I have to burn a Blu-Ray disc for the Bangor kiosk.

There will be more of this later.

Can't wait for Episode 6, Telestream!

Om nom nom nom nom

Dinner tonight: Grilled buttermilk marinated chicken breast, with grilled Brussels sprouts. Jenn marinated. I'm grilling. EDIT: We had wheat egg noodles with butter as well. Everything was delicious. Especially the grilled Brussels sprouts, which I wasn't too sure of ahead of time. Just lightly steam them first, and then throw them on the grill on skewers. Fabulous!

I Am Not a Smart Man, But I Know What Erase Means

Note to Self: When using a disk cloning utility to save your system image so that you can wipe the drive and set the partitions up in a more sensible manner, it is best not to save the backup to a partition on the drive that you plan to erase. If you do this, you may accidentally delete said image when you proceed with the repartitioning process and not realize that the image has been deleted until you are ready to restore it. Ugh... Not a brilliant move.

There Was a Dream

"And it comes in black and it comes in whiteAnd I'm frightened by those who don't see it."

It reminds me very much of Jacob's Ladder. This is not a bad thing.

My Idea of a Drum is a Button on a Drum Machine

So said Mr. Reznor in a Keyboard magazine article way back when. I woke up on this miserable, rainy morning to a broken monitor on my main workstation downstairs. Thankfully, it should be still under warranty (unlike my Christie projector that broke last month 6 days after the warranty expired). But, you know, things happen. Heck... I could be constantly harassed by own government for the terrible crime of having exposed their rampant hypocrisy and anti-democratic behavior. Or, you know, I could be a Republican operative in PA-12 riding the incredible wave of anti-Obama sentiment to certain victory (or maybe not).

Sometimes the only way to solve it is with some unapologetic poppy-fun-music. These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes...

Think less but see it grow.

Also, this.

EDIT: Ask and you shall receive! The Christie Projector came back in from the repair voyage today.

That's a Mighty-Fine TLS Cert You Have Thar

I'm fairly excited that I got the secure server working tonight, making my logins and admin stuff all shiny and secure. We'll figure the rest out later. One thing that was a bit tricky was knowing to add the wfRunHooks( 'BeforeInitialize', array( &$title, &$article, &$output, &$user, $request, $this ) );, but I got it sorted out. Of course, that change is going to get blown away if there are any further point releases that come out before 1.6 comes out of beta. So, I'll have to remember the deal, which was here:

It is working quite nicely though! I'm pleased!

Making Some Real Progress

I'm actually making some real progress here. Got the header font in this theme customized (we'll save the background image for another day). Got the link to Glynorpedia added how I wanted it. So, figured it was time to redirect the home page here, rather than to the wiki. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it that way for the long term. I might put up a real landing page and use a real CMS like Joomla or something for most of the site (keeping the blog in WordPress, which I really actually like so far).

But this will work for now, and I don't really know if I'll ever need to do any of that. Mostly what I wanted is now pretty much accomplished.

Now I just have to get some real content here!

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Not Bad For 2:30am

I just got WordPress set up. Funny how I didn't choose the title until the last minute. I sat there and stared at the line asking for the name of the blog and closed the page to go up to bed, figuring I could think about it and come up with something tomorrow. But then, on the way up, it just made perfect sense and so I had to turn around.

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