That's a Mighty-Fine TLS Cert You Have Thar

I'm fairly excited that I got the secure server working tonight, making my logins and admin stuff all shiny and secure. We'll figure the rest out later. One thing that was a bit tricky was knowing to add the wfRunHooks( 'BeforeInitialize', array( &$title, &$article, &$output, &$user, $request, $this ) );, but I got it sorted out. Of course, that change is going to get blown away if there are any further point releases that come out before 1.6 comes out of beta. So, I'll have to remember the deal, which was here:

It is working quite nicely though! I'm pleased!

Not Bad For 2:30am

I just got WordPress set up. Funny how I didn't choose the title until the last minute. I sat there and stared at the line asking for the name of the blog and closed the page to go up to bed, figuring I could think about it and come up with something tomorrow. But then, on the way up, it just made perfect sense and so I had to turn around.

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