My Idea of a Drum is a Button on a Drum Machine

So said Mr. Reznor in a Keyboard magazine article way back when. I woke up on this miserable, rainy morning to a broken monitor on my main workstation downstairs. Thankfully, it should be still under warranty (unlike my Christie projector that broke last month 6 days after the warranty expired). But, you know, things happen. Heck... I could be constantly harassed by own government for the terrible crime of having exposed their rampant hypocrisy and anti-democratic behavior. Or, you know, I could be a Republican operative in PA-12 riding the incredible wave of anti-Obama sentiment to certain victory (or maybe not).

Sometimes the only way to solve it is with some unapologetic poppy-fun-music. These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes...

Think less but see it grow.

Also, this.

EDIT: Ask and you shall receive! The Christie Projector came back in from the repair voyage today.