That's a Mighty-Fine TLS Cert You Have Thar

I'm fairly excited that I got the secure server working tonight, making my logins and admin stuff all shiny and secure. We'll figure the rest out later. One thing that was a bit tricky was knowing to add the wfRunHooks( 'BeforeInitialize', array( &$title, &$article, &$output, &$user, $request, $this ) );, but I got it sorted out. Of course, that change is going to get blown away if there are any further point releases that come out before 1.6 comes out of beta. So, I'll have to remember the deal, which was here:

It is working quite nicely though! I'm pleased!

The Trouble With Ambox (and Mbox)

So today I had a little struggle getting the Template:Ambox (and my other custom Templates going on my new Wiki page). I had this same struggle once before, and there's really nothing more frustrating than that. When you know you've been down the road once before, but you really can't remember quite how you got there. So, I thought I'd document it briefly. Now, I'm absolutely no MediaWiki wizard here! I'm just figuring it out as I go, but I have figured out a few things along the way. If I'm wrong in some way, go ahead and throw something in the comments for me.

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