Automatically forward provided arguments to the appropriate MC##.exe command launcher.


This simple applet is just a wrapper for the Command Line launcher utilities included with each version of  Media Center.  These launcher utilities are named mc19.exe for MC19, and mc20.exe for MC20 (and so on and so forth).  This makes it necessary to manually update any scripts you write with the new version each time you upgrade MC to a new major version.

MCcl.exe makes that laborious task no longer necessary!

Instead of writing your scripts to call mc##.exe directly, point them at MCcl.exe instead!  Then, when you want to switch all of your scripts to use a new major version of MC, all you have to do is run MCcl.exe once with the --update flag.  It will then check which version of MC is currently registered with COM on your system (this will be whichever version was run most recently), and then it will use that version instead automatically for all future runs.


Here are the command line instructions:

Automatically forward [MC OPTIONS] to the appropriate MC##.exe command launcher.

When first run, MCcl stores the most recently used version of MC and uses that each time it is run. To update which version is used, simply launch the desired version of MC, and then run MCcl with the --update option.

-u, --update updates MCcl to use the version of MC currently
 regestered with COM (the last one used,
 typically) and exits.
-v, --version=VERSION allows you to override the currently registered
 VERSION for just this run. Combine with --update
 to set the version to use manually instead of
 looking up the COM registered version.
-h, --help show this message and exit

Any arguments provided that aren't valid MCcl [OPTIONS] are considered to be MC Options and are sent to the MC command launcher.